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Solutions to your liquid cooling challenges.

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Danfoss data center liquid cooling
Liquid cooling solutions, designed specifically to meet the growing demands of today’s data center.


Why liquid cooling?

For increased performance, energy efficiency and cost savings,there is simply no substitute for direct-to-chip liquid cooling. No other system unlocks the full potential of your data center while simplifying installation and maintenance like Danfoss fluid conveyance solutions.

Energy sustained

Danfoss’ direct-to-chip liquid cooling improves data center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) by efficiently and cost-effectively removing heat emitted by a server processor.

Performance unleashed

The thermal efficiency and reduced space requirements of liquid cooling enables increased chip density, unlocking your data center’s full potential. Danfoss’ hoses and connectors route coolant from the source to the chip, keeping your high-performing processors running smoothly, even during peak loads. That means consistent computing power and increased performance when you need it most.

Danfoss data center liquid cooling


The Danfoss way

For decades, our fluid conveyance experts have helped shape and evolve the direct-tochip liquid cooling market, delivering high-performance source line and rack cooling solutions, while keeping ease of installation and service a priority.


One partner, every solution

Danfoss has a comprehensive portfolio of premium fluid conveyance products to meet your thermal management system needs. With products designed to work in concert, we’ll deliver everything you need for a high-performing source-torack
cooling solution.

Creative design solutions are our specialty

With optional configurations, Danfoss’ fluid conveyance solutions offer the flexibility you need to design the ultimate data center.Our products are designed to work in tight spaces to simplify installation and maintenance, ensuring your cooling system operates efficiently.

Making cutting-edge simple

Peace of mind and resiliency — that’s what Danfoss liquid cooling systems bring to your data center design. Whether it’s hoses with the highest-level flame rating available (UL94 V0),or individually leak-tested dry-break couplings, Danfoss delivers market-leading technology optimized for performance and reliability.

Experts everywhere

We are your liquid cooling experts. We pioneered leak-free, quick disconnect technology with IBM decades ago and remain at the forefront of the industry today. And with a global team embedded in all major regions of the world, our extensive knowledge ensures each customer has what they need to be successful.



A member of OCP

Danfoss is a contributing member of the Open Compute Project (OCP), a collaborative, community-focused organization working to standardize the design and performance of all hardware for small- to hyper-scale data centers. We’re not just meeting the industry standard; we’re helping set it, both today and into the future.



Data center liquid cooling: Source line solutions


Making connections you can count on.
From main supply lines to single point connections,Danfoss provides the hardware to make your software work.

Source line solutions

Every data center has different requirements. Our range of fluid conveyance solutions enable you to engineer the safest and most efficient thermal management system for your data center.


Data center liquid cooling: Inner rack solutions

Solutions to your liquid cooling challenges.



Inner rack solutions

Danfoss’ direct-to-chip cooling solutions extend into the racks through efficient routing of flexible, kink-free hoses,and leak free, helium-tested couplings.


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